Join me as I move this blog to my new website

To my blog followers:

Shortly I will be going live with a new website.


It will feature my beaded jewelry, but also have a blog included in which I will post drawings, paintings, thoughts,etc. I will be closing down this blog by the beginning of the new year, and hope you will travel with me to my new site. Thanks for all your support.


Painting Again

It’s a joy to be back to drawing and painting again. I’ve been so busy with beaded jewelry orders, sweater designing, The Holidays, and jet lag from a trip to Nepal- that it just didn’t work for me to do this each day. Today I felt the most like MYSELF than I have felt in weeks and weeks. The colors in this arrangement just moved me- set against the inky dark background.

Last of the Garden

Each night we hear we will get a hard frost, or snow or the beginning of winter coming down hard. My husband covers up the late crop of mixed lettuces and flowers and we hope they will be alive in the morning.  But a couple of days ago he pulled up whatever flowers that were still vibrant and picked the green tomatoes. Today the sun is shining and some of the vines are withered. The day glow orange cosmos and hard little green tomatoes sit warmly indoors.

Monday Mums

I’ve been working on a free lance job, designing sweaters that are hand knit in Nepal. I’ve been chained to the computer for weeks now. Today I simply had to make the time to paint and draw. Though I love to design, working on the screen non stop for days on end can be soul numbing.

Beaded Beads and Wire

I have been playing and experimenting with using copper and silver wire with my woven beadwork. I finished this piece this morning. It combines oxidized heavy gauge copper wire with glass beads and olive jade. I wrapped and bent the wire for the clasp, then hammered it and then oxidized it in Liver of Sulpher. It is the closest to a chemistry class that I have ever gotten, since I dropped chemistry in the tenth grade.